#TrendingTuesday: The 10 ‘Yoruba Demon’ Facial Expressions Of Odunlade Adekola


Multi-talented Yoruba Actor, Odunlade Adekola is definitely the favorite Actor of many movie lover as people always sit put just to watch a scene that features him. This award-winning movie producer, Actor director and performer never runs out of ideas in role interpretation. Recently e brought you reason why Odunlade is a season Actor, bringing an analysis of the several roles the Actor has played perfectly well. Many can not get enough of this man.

Today, we bring you his different facial gestures that describes a Yoruba demon- a name given to many pretentious Yoruba guys or rather Yoruba heart breakers. Enjoy!

  1. This is the expression on a Yoruba demon when he finally sets his eyes on that hot girl from Instagram

odunlade face

2. This is the face a Yoruba demon gives when he’s mapping out ways to deceive you


3. When you announce the pregnancy test result to him and he says, ‘but we did it just once!’


4. When he sees one of his numerous girlfriends enter a ‘big’ man’s car


5 This is face when he tries to convince a girl that he isn’t like her ex-boyfriend who was a Yoruba demon


6. When she begs him back after break-up but he refuses to accept


7. When he tells her to feel his heart beating for her


8. This is a ‘Yoruba Demon’ face when he finds out he has fallen in love with his victim


9.This is how he reacts when he sees one his victims leave his boss’ room

odunlade heartpain

10 When a Yoruba demon truly gets heart broken