Kunle Afod responds to ban by YOVIFPMAN …. Alleges witch hunt 


You would recall that certain media platforms published a report saying Yoruba Video Film Producers/ Marketers Association of Nigeria (YOVIFPMAN) placed a ban on Actors/ Producers, Adekunle Afod and Yewande Adekoya for unethical practices. 
Kunle Afod has responded with this press release…..

It is with great displeasure and utmost disbelief that I read on a certain blog that I have been sanctioned by (YOVIFPMAN) ,The accusations in the write up are beyond preposterous.

I was accused of aiding piracy and involving myself in unethical practices .

I have consulted with my lawyers and the law will definitely take it’s course in due time but I will like to put a few things on record first.

One, I am not a member of YOVIPMAN, and therefore not bound by the ethics of YOVIPMAN, it’s therefore impossible to be bound by the ethics of an association I don’t belong to. In any market in the world the manufactures chooses his sales outlet. It definitely doesn’t appeal to logic that a customer dictates to the manufacturer who he supplies his goods to.

Three, we had no prior arrangements as regards who I work or do not work with. Do you get punished for an offense you do not commit?

I want to make this abundantly clear, that I, Adekunle Afod will never do anything to truncate the growth of this industry

There are several other producers who sell to the online community

Why was I the only one sanctioned.

This is a misguided witch hunt and I refuse to be a victim

I know and I believe that injustice to one is injustice to all

In the words of a great poet

When they came for the buddist

I didn’t talk because I wasn’t a buddist

When they came for the christains

I didn’t talk because I wasn’t a christain

When they came for the moslems

I didn’t talk because I wasn’t a moslem

When they came for me

There was nobody to left to speak.

I will like to assure my fans and friends that nothing will stop me from giving them the best of me. In fact expect more.

We shall see this through. We await legal action

But as we we’re taught in theatre