Nollywood Actor, Nonso Diobi Pours Out His Pains As A Celebrity


Been a celebrity comes with both f disadvantages and advantages. They are restricted from going to certain places and doing somethings, all in the name of fame. Most of our celebrities try to keep their lives private to prevent prying eyes.

Light-skinned Actor, Nonso Diobi who is one of the most valued prolific Actors in Nollywood, has just expressed the pains he faces as a celebrity. According to him, it prevents him from keeping friends as much as he would love to.

Nonso Diobi

“DISADVANTAGES OF BEING A CELEBRITY: You are always on your own, no one cares about u till they hear or read a bad news abt u dats when they act like they care….. No one wants to help u bcos of the “rich and famous” tag on u and they feel u have the whole world, you would hv lots of people around u but in secret u r always alone…. You hv no real frnds just fans…. Im a celeb but im still human, i laugh, i cry and i feel pain too… If u punch me i will bleed…. U dont no what most of us go tru, forget abt the pics and number of followers on instagram….. The day we have that mentality that celebs are also humans with problem im sure the world wld be a better place….. Not all that glitters is gold, some are just “Aluminium plated gold