“Sleeping with producers won’t take you to stardom” – Actress, IYABO OJO


Iyabo Ojo is a renowned Nollywood actress and producer who has carved a niche for herself in the make-believe industry. She has featured in more than 150 films, as well as producing over 14 of her own. Having been involved in a drama group at secondary school, she commenced her acting career in 1998.

The mother of 2 has told City People Magazine what upcoming female actors should do to overcome sexual harassment from male movie producers in the industry.

As one of the guest speakers at the 2016 City People’s An Evening with Upcoming Yoruba actresses which was held at White House Hotel, Ikeja Lagos last weekend.

According to her, “I started out from the English movie industry before I joined Yoruba many years ago, and I understand that Glam, stardom and fame are not for everybody. There is no money in the industry but I happened to be one of the fortunate and very lucky few who joined the industry. I have very supportive parents who gave me money.

Aside from acting, try to get something to the side so that you can be financially independent and refuse to get laid by producers. Sleeping with producers won’t take you to stardom. There is a difference between a known face and a commercial face. Be wary of the crew because they are the ones to make you.

Some of the upcoming actors will just look at the crew like they are no human being. You should know that it is the crew that chooses who plays what before the director finally decides. If you don’t respect them, your career is on the line because your chances to get any role is sometimes subjected to their recommendations”.

Source: City people