How Nigerian-born Hollywood actress and musician, Olowofoyeku Folake is becoming known in the American film industry


With movies like If and Deathrace 2050 in her back pocket, Olowofoyeku Folake’s progress in the industry cannot be pushed aside.

In an interview with Independent, the actress talks about challenges she faced getting into the movie industry, her most challenging role so far, her expectations and many other things.

Olowofoyeku Folake

Speaking about her foray into the industry, she said her parents weren’t in support of her first passion, music but were more receptive to acting so she decided to start acting and then go back to music.

Olowofoyeku added that her favourite genre are the sci-fi/action/adventure projects and about her most challenging role, she said, “The most challenging was very early on in the university. I booked the lead role of Sally Bowles in ‘Cabaret’. It was my first lead role and it required of my artistry in a capacity I had never played before. Coupled with the fact that some classmates were jealous they didn’t get the role, so they voiced complaints at the casting of an actor of African decent for such a prominent role.

They also went around defacing the promotional posters of me around campus and sticking pins in my face, and other parts. My friends had my back though which I’m very grateful for. I also took it as a challenge to do great work. It worked out well in the end – we had standing ovations at the end of every performance, amazing feedback and some of those nay-sayers also came to express their awe and congratulations. The show was also extended several times. Most importantly, it prepared me for the real world and bigger projects to come.”
Olowofoyeku Folake also disclosed her intention to do more work in Nollywood.
“Definitely. I’d love to do more work in Nigeria and other parts of Africa should the right opportunity and project present itself.