‘I’m Not An Home Breaker’- Sonia, Ik Ogbonna’s Wife Replies Critics


Sonia Ogbonna, the beautiful wife of Ik Ogbonna has become a lot of things put together.

However, she is not a home breaker as some said. She is only a
motivational blogger, author, life coach, relationship expert and motivational speaker.

Sonia and Ik Ogbonna

Here what she has to say “For those who said I’m a HOME BREAKER because I “wrongly influence” women to leave their “homes” due domestic violence and other “small” issues and misunderstandings, go
and check last post on my blog, I will
bluntly tell what all of us “Instagram” /”celebrity” couples pass through in real life, about real relationship challenges and marriage
crises and what to do when you feel like your whole world and relationship/ marriage is falling apart” I will tell you straight up – there is no couple in this world that has been together for a long time without meeting any form of challenges on their way. Even the most compatible, ideal matches do
argue and at some point they find themselves facing very tough times. Crises are super painful. They make us doubt. Wander. Overthink. Sometimes we feel like leaving. Or should I stay? Is he the right partner for me? Why do I suffer this much then? What if I have made a mistake? What is right? Who is wrong?: She went on to say “First of all, we do blow things out of the proportions by attaching meanings to not so relevant things. I think you know what I mean. That is what happens when we are emotionally involved with someone. We take everything personal and our fears
and worries can make us see all the
things we don’t want to see just because we hold on to them so badly. From my very personal experience I can tell you
that you don’t have a problem that you think you have. At least not a rational one.


In emotional relationships by taking everything way too personal we create false beliefs that turn reality because we feed them with so much strength, energy and focus.
Then your relationship sinks deeper and deeper into confusion, mess, accusations, blame, anger, frustration, pain and helplessness. Why? Because our focus is
constantly on the wrong picture and
wrong idea of having a “bad relationship/marriage”. What we focus on grows.