Nigerians Come For Bayowa Films For Selling Late Moji Olaiya’s ‘Canada To Grave’ DVD

Moji Olaiya
Moji Olaiya

Barely a month after her sudden death in Canada, Moji Olaiya‘s colleagues in the Yoruba film industry are already cashing in on her demise by selling DVD’s of her funeral. While some may argue that it’s not a bad idea (and even I can preempt them by claiming proceeds will go to a charity for her children); the title they chose will leave you scratching your head: Canada to Grave.

The ‘documentary’ is sold and distributed by Bayowa Films, owned by Gbenga Adewusi who was a big movie maker in the 90’s and the early 2000’s. It is therefore strange, to say the least, that very little thought went into the making of this ‘project’.

Why on earth did they think ‘Canada to Grave’ was an appropriate title? Did anyone consider the feelings of her old mother and her young daughters before throwing this out into the market? It is indecent and quite frankly, tasteless.

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  • fathiaentertainments@goldmynetv true talk bro
  • bettylove_blueIts such a bad idea, it makes no sense at all…what does Canada to grave implies.. That’s a stupid inspiration from him..rubbish… Why so some people just seek to make money from anything at the slightest opportunity???? Pls respect the dead
  • smith_smith_zIt is totally unacceptable 👎🏼
  • ololadeblessedThis is so heartless,this is not fair at all,I don’t like all these Yoruba actors and actresses,they don’t like each other,there’s too much oju aye among them
  • official_vicxiano1Rip sister
  • ozorchristianNaija no go kill person
  • sussy520un
  • sussy520cc
  • sussy520unacceptable and very disre
  • bootylious2mideOju aiye plenty. Exactly wat yomi fash was saying then. This same bayowa midget bk den … Drained pples career the likes of atorise. Which stupid money are dey raising for d children nd is dis the appropriate time. So d title Canada to grave… Jesu!!!!
  • iamcertified_eyinjueledumareCan they please for heaven sake let this woman REST IN PEACE…… GOD have mercy.
  • sussy520unacceptable and very disrespectful of the dead….what a rubbish title….plz u guy needs to careful in ur reasoning.
  • olubukunwealthHmmmm! Ikubolaje!!!!!
  • oluakinladeIs very wrong he should correct. it
  • dareyetWhat do you mean by canada to grave? Absolutely unacceptable
  • glow_makeoversVery senseless and thoughtless bunch of fools are those who conjure such a title
  • pearlnosegbeFools
  • beceko_asoebiSad
  • bb_busayomiWhat happened to ‘tribute to moji olaiya’
  • nafisatgoldThat’s a selfless act
  • hrh_stellarIt is wel
  • owolabiadetejuRidiculous!
  • ileifefiestaUtterly stupid title. The world has moved on from such bullshit. This is the 21st century. “Moji Olaiya; the Nollywood Amazon” pls send that to Bayowa for his to receive sense in this direction.
  • cityuniversal007Bayowa is sick
  • dehoneyxSenseless man
  • uniqueflaveDumbest thing ever
  • hadunpsyIf its bayowa,its nt new. Dt ws Hw he did Wn Gbenga adeboye died. He takes delight in making money from pples woes. Shameless he goat
  • esua.iquoLike seriously? How did we get here naija
  • alarapeadebolaIf at all he wants to sell d video,what happen to ‘tribute to moji olaiya’.What meaning does Canada to grave gives him,na waa ooo
  • hadunpsyPls d olaiyas family should sue ds nincompoo cos who authorize him to sell it, is he d only marketer present at d funeral
  • foxstitches👎🏽
  • kosiruolorunzainabIs Very Very unfair What is Really wrong WITH this Useless MAN CALL GBENGA ADEWUSI IS HE HAPPY ABOUT HER DEATH or What,Thats not good enough
  • wazzwisemy dear brothers and sisters hello ls don’t let this course argument between us the purpose of this funeral DVD’s is most important may Allah forgive her sin, may her soul rest in perfect peace.
  • aya_ajayiThat bayowa is a stupid old fool from the onset. I know he will be behind this senseless act.
  • mayor.love82This man is always use bad tins to his own money……
  • mayor.love82to make his own money
  • mayor.love82Mad man
  • _ekundharyorDaft fellows😠😠
  • nifemiayo123Wen mediocres r the directors
  • wala_hayandhay14That is Bayowa for u, I told my friend that Bayowa cannot do things for free without something in return. This total shame😩😫
  • bobbybrainSo bayowa thinks people still lives in that gbenga adeboye’s era? He better keep his outdated idea to himself,he couldn’t even come up with an appropriate title……abeg let the late actress Rest In Peace don’t turn her incident to financial opportunity…..foolish man.
  • bunmi316That useless short man, monkey banana
  • larrycole10This is really bad idea
  • omopelehaliduWe all know that Bayowa always cash on any opportunity, because he is no longer in vogue in movie industry .
  • ronkeolofintuyiDon’t mind the short man, big for nothing. How can you be rejoicing over someone sadness? It’s very wrong. I don’t know when this man will stop all these disgusting and behave normal for once. Imagine the picture he put on the DVD, where others are crying u went ahead and place it as ur own source of income
  • hephizabah_foodsThis is what I think if he didn’t do it someone else will. Either u see it as books titled “tribute to moji olaiya” or “gone too soon moji” people will definitely do not saying he is wrong or right am just saying make we all free the guy. The might be his way of mourning his colleague….
  • olori_abiola12Better, there must a change to the tittle
  • ronkeolofintuyiRubbish and it shows how heartless u are @bayowafilms
  • heyzee25Ok wtf
  • bustlineyetundeTo think this is done for commercial purposes is a huge joke. Who would want to put this on their shelf? Now they will say the proceeds would go to her family. What a venture!
  • _larrymoHe did d same to gbenga adeboye also , he wnt to make money on dead person
  • oluwabunmiisholaRubbish
  • jade4eva_usThis title is so inappropriate. Who does that in this day and age?
  • ibeizuchukwuLolz yoruba jokers!
  • kao_couturesWhen friends and family even betrayed one after death, what a life, may your soul rest in peace aunty moji
  • ajoke02His trying to launch himself back to limelight? They should allow the woman soul to rest na! Abi kini gbogbo nonsense yi?
  • neymarbimbzDnt get o.
  • k1williamsk1Rubbish
  • gabiewinnHe’s so dumb
  • gabiewinnThe ugly bald head vulture so he think he will make money off this he’s so mistaken
  • iamlabeautyI don’t like this man called bayowa films no wonder people dislike him short man devil ,it’s an highest level of humiliation and disrespect to d entire family of olaiya
  • cuttie_billytonBayowa days too are numbered , he his so fond of all dis trashy cassettes. U can imagine how he was taking front row during d burial of d deceased he was busy blocking Adun d daughter of moji’s face. Just cos he wan capture everything, kukuruuubiliiisi 😰😳😡
  • nanalastborn24dat z rubblish
  • azizatmuhammedHmmmm
  • yettee72He is very dumb for this title, and God punish him
  • motunsbeautyworldDis is not proper Mr bayowa why are u senseless, eni tio ti Ku mo iru Ku to ma pa ohun.
  • olayode_solomonBayowa can do anything for money. Too bad!
  • yomifabiyiOur attention has been drawn to the attached graphics and we have raised concerns with the management of Swaga TV and Bayowa Films & Records.The management had since confirmed to us in clear terms that they had no intention to sell it on DVD as those who ignited the allegations did so from their imaginations and people should disregard such rumour.

    Please permit us to add that we have no such powers to decide for bloggers or any media platforms their choice of captions or POS. We, however, made a humble request for a change or edit of the title but we were told the footage has been rendered and uploaded for their viewers. They apologize to any who feels offended as they maintained no malice was intended with the caption and they will never do anything to hurt the deceased or anyone.

    Let me use this medium to also clarify again that the Committee did not sell T-shirts. A representative of the family opted to sell T-shirts with the consent of the family and they only asked us to help them notify her fans.
    We appreciate all media houses and online portals who source footages and used same in reporting and celebrating our dear late colleague. We cannot thank you enough.

    We thank all our colleagues and friends who converged in UK yesterday to offer her prayers on her 8days and forwarded some cash to the deceased mother account directly. The family is grateful.

    If this committee do not respond to any future issues except if very crucial, please do not regard it as an abberation or disregard, it is because we believe our task is over and we will love to focus on our individual hussles.

    Thank you all.

    Yomi Fabiyi
    Publicity Secretary

  • alishashamsideenBayowa God will punish you you have start again you want make from this again like the one you did to etu baba ita gbega adeboye everything is opportunity for you why bayowa remember you are going to where moji go where ur own will being you don’t know God will punish you
  • adedablessedoneBayowa is hungry,he will take any avenue to make money on this.
  • labankyNa wa oops…Mr mayowa u never chop ni..
  • eduku200I hate to comment on things like this but i saw it coming when that Adewusi was doing baba isale at Ebony Vault last week. Bloody opportunist!!! I saw him using his phone to record senselessly at the grave side. Irresponsible man. He was even doing that beside her poor daughter. I hope he grows up one day! Danku oshi!! Which account will the proceed go? Ole buruku!!
  • darabella_beautyWhoever did this is a very stupid man and does not have rrspect for the dead…. what shame hungry fool
  • jekkyluvOld fool
  • adeyemiladapo@yomifabiyi Bayowa need to be caution he need to use his fucking sense,no matter how we live,this world is vanity we all going to die
  • lovelytima4loveBayo is a crazy man… Fool
  • mahanibeautystoresThis is wrong
  • realfummy_showSwaagaTv should be shutdown. Baba itunnu needs to be arrested and sued. This is total bullshit. Has he forgotten the deceased has a grown up child? Bayowa receive sense biko.
  • sanmexmBullshit
  • helenlove23This is sad and inhumane.
  • sanmexmSo its that easy to shoot a movie, no wonder their movies have no magnitude of direction
  • nifemi998608Throughout d video shoot, d old fool kept smiling, he put a stupid handsfree for ear.i just hate him, he can fuck his mother for money.such an old fool, bayowa don forget say he go die too one day nd d title of his immortal video will b “from hospital bed to grave”. Useless old fool
  • 2hot2beignoredThis is bullshit mehn😠😠
  • jaiyeajoke@kennyakinmoladun have u seen diz?
  • hafwat1234Bayowa ole,old fool
  • uniq_pearlMtcheew
  • scissorsbaby1Bayowa adewusi is a big bastard. Soon they will do your own too from 9ja to hell fire . Oloriburuku somebody.
  • salakoolufunkeThis is not wisdom
  • bukoladiyaoluawolowoWhat do you expect from someone whose star had already gone dim and wants to brighten it at all cost? When last did he do anything that is relevant in the society or even in the industry? And he just thought this is an avenue to come back to lime light. Na lie! Na so you go die unheard with your generation. Stupid skimmer! Back stabber! Useless vulture. E no go better for you.@mopelola_bosslady ,@banjofunke
  • tchibuogwuThis bayowa guy is something else.
  • dotcreations1Does these people have feelings at all haha in someone’s time of grief and mourning haha oga o, i lost my sister last year, my mom and siblings and the pain is still felt as if its just like yesterday not to talk of this fresh one, the daughter she left behind how will she take these , do they consider her feelings she is still hurt for goodness sake oga ooo 😢😢😢😢
  • victoriadorcasMocking d dead.hmmm!does he know when n how he will leave dis world?as a law of karma,what he sows so shall he reap.extorting money out of people’s grievance.Adewusi was never my favourite person so i expected such from a shallow minded man like him.he needs counselling
  • bikelolaTotally unacceptable
  • labizzyLeave them,only God knws where they will pass to their own grave.
  • ikosawe8Na wa o
  • donraystarsBayowa? I’m not disappointed, seriously the moment I see him there I mean at Moji Olaiya funeral I know he’s gonna cash on it. Shameless man.
  • pweety_uniqueAlarming+saddening….naija
  • abi_youngforever_1Horrible title