Could Uche Jombo have apologized to herself with a fake account? Reactions trail Uche Jombo’s reconciliation with her husband.


After rumours of Uche Jombo’s husband cheating on her with a sexy lady, her husband reportedly took to Instagram yesterday to render a heartfelt apology to his wife who has been ridiculed lately for being cheated on despite her fame and her status.

In his statement on Instagram, the husband apologized for causing the actress such pain, saying he has already filed legal actions against the people who were spreading the false news.

Well, social media is buzzing from the apology. While some of them found it a courageous thing to do, others believe Uche Jombo is trying to go the extra mile to apologize to herself and make people think it is the husband that is apologizing.

Instagram police has found out that the account which was used to apologize o Uche Jombo doesn’t exist until the day of the apology and Omoni Oboli’s comment on the post only made it worse as words are going out that there is a conspiracy between them.

Is it possible Uche Jombo created an account just to apologize to herself and stop the wagging tongues that find pleasure in talking about the crisis her marriage is allegedly facing?