See throwback photos of Iyabo Ojo when she was dark and plump


Thursdays are for throwbacks and we throwback to remember things for what they were. On, we throwback for different reasons, either to see how our present slaying celebrities looked or past movies and share how we feel about them.

Today on playground, our throwback is a spotlight on Iyabo Ojo and how she looked. Iyabo Ojo is one Nollywood actress that is presently slaying all round and her slay game is so tight that you won’t find a trace of her past on her, except for some facial features that help you place the resemblance easy, those features cannot be changed.

We stumbled on some of the actress’ photos of wayback and want to share it with you before our throwback becomes flashback. These photos show Iyabo Ojo, although still light skinned, but not as light as she is, certainly not as classy as she is presently and she also looks plump.

These photos are certainly different from the present ‘Slay mama’ Iyabo Ojo and all we can say is “growth”. As time goes on, people change, and what good is change if it is not a change for the better.

So that’s all we can say with Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo. She has definitely changed for the better and we love it!