“I want to introduce God to Nollywood…” – Nollywood actor, Ernest Asuzu


Nollywood Actor, Ernest Asuzu who suffered a Stroke a few years back, is back on the block, and right now, he’s a born again Christian.

He spoke exclusively to The Sun Newspaper, where he revealed that he’s back to change people’s perception about Nollywood by bringing God into the industry, he also revealed why he feels that Nollywood is evil, among other issues.

Here are excerpts from the chat;

Many people want to know what you’ve been doing since you recovered from your health challenge?

I have returned to Nollywood, my first love. But I want God to help me re-establish myself as a good Christian in Nollywood. After the first outing, which I considered a success by worldly standard, I went down with stroke. Before I took ill, I was living large, outgoing and flamboyant; but now I have returned to God and I want to change people’s thinking about actors in Nollywood, because a lot of actors are dying without knowing God.

I want to introduce God to Nollywood so that they will know that there’s nothing they can do without God. Look at me now I have a Jeep. If anybody had told me when I was down with stroke that I’d ride a Jeep, I would not believe. But a man of God in Warri, Delta State blessed me with the car, that’s the car I brought to church today. Isn’t that marvellous? God saw my pain and faith in Him and intervened.

The thing that happened to me wasn’t my making; a man got jealous of my rising profile and inflicted me with stroke. I don’t want to emphasise on that. Let God judge the man. I’m glad because I’m not dead yet, when you are dead, that’s when you are gone. Now that I’m alive and back on my feet, it’s the Lord’s doing. I am alive by the intervention of God so I want everyone to know that I’ve given my life to God and my movie life is running and thriving.


Watch video below;