Here is What Actress Onyii Alex thinks about Supporting Nigerian Men. Do you Agree?


Nollywood actress, Onyii Alex is not supporting the idea of women lending help and standing by their man when they have nothing, saying that Nigerian men are not worth the stress.

She made this statement while replying to a post on Boxing champion Mcgregor and his girlfriend who apparently passed through some tough times before becoming the celebrated boxer he is today.

She wrote and we quote;

“Reality Check!!! Nigerian women have always and still continue to stay and stick by their men during their down and low times. Naturally, the Nigerian girl has been groomed to be loyal to a man through thick and thin. The question should be; when our men finally make it up the ladder, do they reciprocate that loyalty to their women? Or do they jettison the lady who has stuck out their necks for them for years and jet off with the Molato, Kim-Kardashian-shaped, Beyonce-looking, Blac China-contured kinda girls. They instantly erase the memory of that dexterous and resilient girl that stood by them every step of their struggling lives….Matter-of-factly, there are myriads of Nigerian women who are bread winners in their homes with their husbands being well and alive but never say a word of it…”

Though some of her words rang true, many still believe that generalizing it to all Nigerian men is wrong, there are still some good men out there who won’t forget their partners who stood by them through thick and thin.

Well what are your thoughts on Onyii Alex’s claims? Do you agree with her?

See video below;