“I thought you are a virgin…” Fans attack Toyo Baby as she goes naked on pages


If there is one thing fans haven’t come to accept, it is the fact that celebrities are humans and they also have flaws, hence it becomes difficult to accept it when a celeb bring up something horrible from their past.

This said fans are already attacking Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode a.k.a Toyo Baby, for revealing her past to the world stating that she was abused sexually in a book she recently published.

For some very funny reasons, some fans believe all sexual abuse requires the actual act of sex, hence it is very difficult to wrap it around their heads that the actress who has been sexually abused can be referred to or refer to herself as a virgin. Some even went further to state that the actress is probably a liar and that character flaw is what made Funke Akindele took her off the popular Nollywood series, Jenifa’s Diary.


But then again, it is important for us all to note that Juliana Olayode has never been quoted to say that she is a virgin, rather she just has strong believes that she is against sex before marriage and it is best if such opinions are respected rather than continuously placed under a microscope.


Watch video below;