Nollywood Actor, Jim Iyke joins the Resume or Resign Protest in Abuja


Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke has joined the on going protest in Abuja, calling for the president to either resume office or resign.

The protest which have been going on for a while now has seen entertainers joining in the fight, now the recent addition is Jim Iyke.

In his charge to press men present, Jim Iyke further insisted that it is natural for a man who is old to get sick, so therefore president Buhari should step down for the younger generations, so He could treat himself well.

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Jim went further to name other countries who have started giving way for younger leaders, saying Nigerians are no more fools to the government and are tired of the absence of the president.

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In His words he said; “it is a simple thing, we are saying to the president, either you resume or you resign”

Ever since the protest started, there has been a few casualties including, The Area Fada collapsing due to the intake of tear gas.

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Now the question is, how effective will this protest be? Do more people from the entertainment industry join in the fight to make a more solidified statement?  What is the way forward? What next if the protest doesn’t work out?

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