Toyin Abraham proclaims herself to be “World Best Actress”… Yay or Nay?


Famzing is allowed in the industry we find ourselves in, but there is also nothing as commendable as a realistic famzing.

Recently we notice that Toyin Aimakhu turned Abraham has placed herself above all actors in the world.

This was noticed on the actress’ Instagram bio where she stated that she is the best actress in the world.

Now it is definitely good to aspire to be the best we can be and aim higher than anyone’s mind can fathom, but why exactly would we want to confuse people while we’re having this positive mindshift.

Trust us, this is not a bad belle post, but we do remember Toyin Abraham stating that she will not be heading to Hollywood anytime sooner or later if she is being called to represent something that does not promote the women and children. As vague as that sounds, that is already a limitation to this dream that has been made known to us in her bio.

The last time we checked, Oscar is an award greater than AMVCA and AMAA, and as much as we would like to praise our industry, we also wouldn’t want to be blind to our flaws and being placed side by side with Hollywood, the flaw is just a lot! Now we’re talking about Toyin Aimakhu… I mean Abraham, so let’s continue.

First thing first, Toyin Abraham has no major award in Best of Nollywood.

Second of all, Toyin has no award in Africa Movies Academy Awards, AMAA.

Finally, Toyin Abraham has no award in Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Award, AMVCA, which also, placed with AMAA happens to be an important award that helps place an actor in the level of importance… no offence intended.

So when we are done with these continental awards, we can come back and have the conversation about being the ‘Global screen queen’ as she has termed herself, but for now… scratch that!

Watch video below;