Watch how Mercy Johnson’s Wig got Yanked off Publicly


This video will crack you up big time, it shows how Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie’s wig got yanked off her head while appreciating millions of her fans on Instagram.

And guess who was behind the revelation that she was wearing wig that morning? Her first daughter Purity.

Apparently, Mercy Johnson was feeling thankful for all the wishes and love she got during her birthday, so she decided to thank her fans, friends and family

Well if she had known she would have done it herself, but as a good mom that she is, she wanted her kids to join her in the appreciation hence, her kids were with her.

Little did mercy know that purity had another plan for her, amidst her thanksgiving message, little Purity shockingly pulled off her wig, and her expression is so hilarious, watch video below.

But like they say, nothing can quantify a mother’s love, and both Purify and her siblings show how much love they receive from not only their mom, but their dad also.

Happy children are the best and the cutest. Don’t you agree?