13 year old boy who is a make up expert leaves actress Adunni Ade speechless!

Adunni Ade with Fatai Azeez

Beautiful Nollywood actress Adunni Ade encountered something interesting over the weekend and has been left in a state of pleasant surprise since.

The actress who stepped out for a Saturday event was awed when a young boy of thirteen was with the make up troop not just as an errand boy but as one of them.

The boy Fatai Azeez was fixing make up on guests and also wrapping their head gears, this left Adunni Ade stunned.

Not able to hold herself, the actress shared the information on her page with the photo of the boy who according to her fixed her very gorgeous head gear!

Fatai Azeez according to Adunni is in school and doing well, but also trying to establish himself as a good make up artiste for the future!

Adunni Ade with Fatai Azeez