Chika Ike takes a break from make up, rocks bare face on IG! (See photo)

Chika Ike

Nollywood actress Chika Ike has shown her fans that she does not depend on paints and brushes to look beautiful.

The gorgeous actress and Harvard student who is quite popular on Instagram for slaying back to back both with her outfit and face made this clear when she posted a photo of her bare face on Instagram.

The photo which only shows her face was applauded by her fans who actually believe she was only making her self less beautiful with the make up.

Many of them, men mostly think she looks better without the make up. A lot also commented on how she looks younger without all the paint.

The actress obviously knows how good she looks without the make up, hence, she was not afraid to go without. Something most female actors are still afraid to do; go without make up that is!

See Chika ike’s photo and let’s know what you think.

Chika ike