In her quest to be noticed, actress Gifty of Big brother goes naked on Instagram!


The quest for fame and recognition is so real that many are willing to do anything to achieve this goal of ‘fame’ including shedding their integrity!

Actress Gifty powers who was one of the contenders at the last Big Brother Naija show will definitely go to any length to put her name on the lips of every Nigerian and also on the blogosphere.

Gifty’s naked photo

Just a few days ago, the divorcee shared a photo on Instagram testifying to the sweetness of life with an half name photo and only yesterday, the young woman is back with another photo baring her backside for the whole works to see.

Her aim as many have pointed out is to trend on the social media, well, it seems her tactics are working since we are all talking about it.


One way or the other, fame must be achieved and if your talents are not good enough to place you on that pedestal, use what you have to get what you want! Fifty is using her body, bravo!