See 3 Nollywood actresses who are Born Again Christians!


This might be hard for many to digest, but the truth is not every character portrayed by actors depicts them. In fact, some of these actors are far opposites of the roles they play, many of them are even Born Again Christians who only use the stage as a pulpit to preach the gospel of Christ!

Check out three top Nollywood actresses who have knelt at the cross and accepted Christ as Lord and Savior!

Stella Damascus Ademinokan – As long as this Nollywood star bears the Ademinokan name, she will be regarded as a ‘devil’ and a ‘home wrecker’. This is so because of the circumstances surrounding her marriage to Daniel Ademinokan who was once married to another actress.


As for Stella, she really doesn’t care about them, her faith looks up to only God, whom she constantly preaches about at every given opportunity and also on her page!

Tonto Dikeh – Reminds us of the biblical ‘Paul’ who encountered Jesus Christ on his way to Damascus! Tonto Dikeh also encountered Jesus when she least expected it. Her new faith could not allow her remain in her husband’s house a place full of darkness according to her.

Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh is now a born again and she is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.

Anita Joseph – Yes, her endowments cannot stop her of living a life for Christ. The heavily tattooed actress once said she regrets the ink all over her body especially now that she is a born again Christian, but the deed had been done.

Anita Joseph

Like Tonto Dikeh once said, being born again does not mean we cant look fine or gorgeous, it means we can be beautiful in Jesus! So if you expect these three to do away with their lifestyles because they are born again, its not happening!