With the simple task of unveiling his bride, actor Seun Ajayi causes a stir at his wedding!


Nollywood actor Seun Ajayi who got married to his bride over the weekend has shown us that an actor will always be an actor.

The excited and very happy groom turned the simple task of unveiling his pretty bride into a movie scene with the pulpit as his stage and the congregation as his audience.

The command was simple “you may unveil the bride” to which Seun Ajayi responded but in his own special slow motion way, opening the veil like it was a huge task and leaving the congregation ‘oh-ing’ and ‘ah-ing’ all the way!

As if that was not enough, the actor broke into a dance as he finally unveiled his bride leaving the Vicar’s mouth agape and the church laughing uncontrollably!

His excitement and playfulness could be scene as he dropped a simple kiss on his bride’s lips!

This is one of the most interesting wedding task we ever saw!

Watch the short clip here…