Tonto Dikeh angrily bashes blog readers, wishes them all the evil they wish her after her post was misinterpreted!


Actress Tonto Dikeh did not wake up fine this morning and to compound her pain, some blog readers got on her nerves with very insensitive comments about her life and her pain.

The actress had uploaded a video of herself whimpering in pain as she woke up to a swollen eye. She made it apparent in the video that ‘this boil is so painful’, making no allusion to a spiritual attack in anyway.

Tonto Dikeh

However, a particular blog had referred its readers to the episode of 1000 flies in her son’s room which had spiritual undertones.

In response, the readers of the blog had called Tonto Dikeh all sorts of names from drama Queen to childish and the actress did not find it funny especially since she was minding her business, expecting no one to read meaning to her innocent post.

In reaction, she called her attackers out wishing them every thing they wish her and at the sane time referring them to Jesus lest they perish.