Actress Laide Bakare becomes US citizen!

Laide Bakare

Actress and mother of two Laide Bakare is in her season of many celebrations as the United states immigration services finally conferred on her the honour of a US citizen days to her birthday.

The actress moved to New York after the birth of her son and has remained there, taking a break from the movie scenes.  Her application to be a citizen finally become a reality after she received the certificate making her not just an immigrant but a citizen of US, with all the rights deserving of a citizen of the United states of America.

Laide was bestowed with the certificate and awards to show that indeed, she has become a citizen. The actress displayed her achievements in new photo as she announced to all her new citizenship.

This could be one of the reasons the actress has been far from the movie scene, looking for opportunities to put food on the table for that day.