Omoni Oboli miraculously survives fire accident as room goes up in flames!

Omoni oboli

Nollywood actress and film maker is in the mood of thanksgiving after surviving what could have taken her life and the life of her friends!

The actress narrated how she was saved from being burnt  alive after her room went up in flames, an incidence caused by a faulty AC.

Omoni who is still speechless after the fire episode shared a video of the burnt room explaining that it is still a miracle to her that an electrical fire was put out with just fire and soap.

She reiterated that it could only be God and grace as she was already sleeping in that room when the fire started. The actress who has had a rough year full of incidences and breakthroughs at the end could not  hide her appreciation to God who saved her.

From the video shared by the actress, it was a big fire as the room became totally black and a lot of items were destroyed by thankfully, no one was harmed!

See the video below and see why Omoni should thank God!