“It is my body” – Actress Dayo Amusa angrily slams fan who called her fat!

Dayo Amusa
Dayo Amusa

Nobody wants to hear negative comments about their bodies especially not in the public and this was the reason for actress Dayo Amusa’s angry reaction today after a fan called her fat!

The chubby and happy actress had joyfully posted a recent photo of herself looking good in a green top tucked into a black Jean, accentuating all her hidden curves!

A male fan had however told the actress to watch her intake of calories, “you are getting fatter” he wrote referring to the slight folds in the actress’s waist.

Not one to let a ‘body shamer’ go like that, the actress swiftly responded “is it your body? Go and face your life problems” she schooled the commenter letting him know her body was her life problem and not his!

Way to go Dayo!