Regina Daniels called out for blackmailing fellow teenager with nudes


One lady by name, Amanda Chisom has called out Teenage actress, Regina Daniels, for allegedly blackmailing a teenager who refused to sleep with a producer for a movie role.

According to Chisom, Regina Daniels is threatening to post her nudes on the internet if she continues to refuse sleeping with the producer.

She wrote the following ion her facebook page;

”Meanwhile, Yesterday a young girl came to me that this never more than 17 years old npllywood actress was blackmailing her, and threatening her with nudes if she does not go to sleep with a certain producer. This is supposed to be a teenager oh threatening another teenager she asked for nudes so she can introduce her into acting that if she does not sleep with a certain producer”

Chisom further posted photos of chats between the teenager and the acclaimed Regina Daniels, which showed her been threatened.

Fans of the teenage actress, Regina Daniels, have refuted this claim, pointing out that an identity thief might have stolen Regina’s identity just to dupe young girls with dreams of becoming an actress, they further called for more investigation instead of outright accusation.

The last post on Regina Daniel’s page shows the actress unbothered by the accusations laid on her, which may or may not be true.

Check out photos of the chats below;

Check out the video below;