“Leave me alone!” – Actress Moyo Lawal sends warning to ‘Holy’ fans with bikini photo!

Moyo Lawal

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has emphasized times without number that she is an actor and not a role model or mother!

To drive this point home again, the actress has sent a message to all married ladies who come to her page to display their supposed holiness by condemning every photo she shares on her page.

Moyo LawaL

With what can be likened to anger, the actress has screamed that she would like to be left alone with her lonely, miserable and single life!

“You are married and happy, leave me that I am miserable and lonely and single” she wrote.

The actress has often faced heavy criticisms with her social media posts… She is always bashed for her sexually suggestive looks and way of dressing!

According to Moyo however, looks can be very deceptive but she is still nobody’s role model and would love to be considered as the entertainer that she is!