Liz Anjorin wins hearts with her emotional grass to grace story!

Liz Anjorin

Nollywood actress Liz Anjorin has been considered for years as an aloof actress with so much pride in her heart due to the way she carries herself in the industry and her low rate of friendship amongst her colleagues.

Many have even made it a point of duty to criticize and castigate everything the actress and business woman does just because they believe she thinks so highly of herself.

Liz Anjorin

However, after a proper expose on her life and how she grew up on the streets, the abuse she faced and the sad way she became a single mom, the actress has been able to gather not just sympathy from a lot of people but even empathy too.

Lizzy Anjorin
Lizzy Anjorin

The actress over a period of five days talked about her life, her beginning, her slavery days, and how she stood through it all despite several attempts on her life.

Liz Anjorin is one successful woman today not just as an actor but also as a business woman and her success can definitely be attributed to her strong will and drive to succeed after all she went through while growing up.

This might be the reason for her disposition towards life which cuts across to many as too strict… Now however, many seem to understand the actress more and even applaud her courage and her resilience through it all.

Not a soul called her out for her grammar all through her narration! She won them all!