“This is my last birthday as a single lady” – Anita Joseph declares.

Anita Joseph

Actress Anita Joseph recently had her birthday on January 4th and it was indeed a memorable birthday as the actress had multiple celebrations to mark the day.

A visit to the orphanage, a dinner later in the evening and a get together the following day indeed shows the actress was ready for this birthday, now we know why!

In a gratitude post on her IG page, Anita has declared that this birthday would be her last birthday as a single lady.

This means only one thing, and that thing is very obvious… It simply means that our dear curvy actress, Anita, is joining the list of celebrities getting married in 2018 and we are totally in for that.

Although she hasn’t formally introduced her husband to be, we know there is a man who makes Anita happy and in due time, we will meet him!