See how Mercy Aigbe’s fans blasted Dayo Amusa on Instagram today! Photos + video

Mercy Aigbe and Dayo Amusa

Actress Mercy Aigbe has brought the rain of insult and harsh criticism on her friend and colleague Dayo Amusa today after she shared a photo and video of herself and the chubby actress on her own page earlier.

The two Nollywood actresses had been guests on a TV station this morning and both took photos together.

Mercy looking trim, classy and posh in her one piece suit while her friend was wearing a distressed jeans and fitted top which accentuated her not so trim figure.

Mercy Aigbe and Dayo Amusa

This had brought about praises for Mercy and insults for Dayo.

Although Mercy was forced to delete the photo after she saw the comments but the damage had been done and Dayo in the bid to prove she wasn’t bothered and can’t be bodyshamed reposted the photo on her own page ready to tackle her haters!

See the video of the two stars dancing after the show…

See some of the comments that followed…