According to a source ‘she has gone to Hajj’. We learnt the much loved actress who made headline with her conversion to Islam last year chose to keep her attainment of the status of ‘Alhaja’ quiet.

And the reason for this is defined as ‘need to continue maintaining as much low profile as possible’ by those who should know.

Digs by societynowng revealed this posture is not unconnected with a masked but very serious relationship she is currently embroiled in.

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According to insiders ‘she is currently involved in an altar bound relationship…but the man does not want all the noise associated with her craft’

The actress’ heartthrob is described as a muslim who takes the dictates of his faith very serious.

Societynwsng learnt the noise the actress, who walked out of her first marriage over allegations of domestic abuse, made over her conversion to Islam was to let her new man and those around him know she is as proud of her new religion as he is.

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Insiders revealed when the actress claimed no man made her change from been a christian to muslim, she was correct in part.

‘She did it to show commitment in her new relationship, which has made her to love the faith’ a source claimed.

And the action is said to be paying off.

Talks of quiet plans at a second attempt at matrimony now decorate the actress.

‘But she is trying hard to keep news of the impending union as quiet as possible…she is a good person and deserves to be happy’ the source stated.

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This latest twist concerning the actress comes against the backdrop of shunning peace overtures from the former husband she walked out of after allegedly suffering domestic abuse in silence – and refusal to crown it with accepting the indignity of his fathering a child out of wedlock.

Source: societynowng