8 Reasons Why We Think Kunle Afod’s Wife, Desola Afod Is The No1 Attention Seeker


Social media, specifically Instagram is a major platform for celebrities to show off their lifestyle. You can get updates on their current location, new endorsement deals, current health/marital status and so on. Some celebrities have literally taken Instagram as their new home, while others just watch out for others to make a post.

One person who has drawn our attention on Instagram is a wife to one of the top Yoruba Actors, Kunle Afod. Although, his wife, Desola Sholanke Afod is not a celebrity as per entertainment or anything of such, she has given herself a unique name, ‘Celeb wife’. Desola is one, or maybe the only wife of an Actor we know that crave so much unnecessary attention.

These are 10 reasons why we think so:

  1. Her name, ‘Celeb wife’


A first glance at her instagram bio will surprise you. She has given herself the name, ‘Celeb wife’, making her the only celeb wife in Nigeria (funny!). However, this will draw your attention to go through her instagram world. We think she is trying too hard to be seen

2 She posts pictures while on bed with her hubby


On a more serious note, this is getting out of hand. We already know she is Kunle Afod’s wife but does she have to use bedroom pictures to flood our timelines. Few days back, she posted her usual bedroom picture but we see it as fake. This is owing to the fact that, her hubby pretended to be asleep while she posed for the camera on bed with her birthday dress and makeup on.

3. Her captions


In the modern word we live in today, its rare to see a lady with exposure upload Instagram pictures with such captions with no creativity but repetitions. Its either she’s appreciating her husband for been in her life or she is just bored and post pictures with no captions. Nothing creative or interesting. Just attention!

4. Over 12 posts in a day


Whatever motivates her to over 12 pictures in a day is known to her alone. She has over 7,000post! Desola is one of those people that will flood your timeline with so many pictures to make you wonder if there’s a celebration somewhere. The word, ‘calm’ is obviously not her dictionary or maybe she does nothing for a living…


5. She posts both attractive and unattractive dishes


Desola is very fond of sharing both attractive and unattractive dishes. This one below looks more like a sacrifice from one of our Yoruba movies.


6. Show-off of her ‘boo’


We understand that every now and then, celebrities try to post pictures of their sweethearts but Desola’s instagram page is over crowded with ‘boos’ pictures, in a way reminding us every second that Kunle remains hers. One can easily deduce that Desola feels insecured about Kunle and uses instagram to rob in it in the faces of the ladies around him.


7. Show-off her kids

Although, we can’t deny the fact that Desola and Kunle Afod’s 3 boys are lovely but Desola needs to cut down on how she shows them off on social media. Most of these pictures are taken on the same spot.


8. Her birthday party


Going through her page, you might think she recently clocked a golden age. Desola celebrated her birthday which was originally on the 26th of July, for 3days. Like a celeb wife that she is, she had a change of outfits more than three times and had over 5 cakes. She also shared over 50 pictures of her birthday, flaunting her white ‘agbada’ attire everywhere.


The good thing about her show off game is that it’s paying her as she has over 50,000 Instagram followers. However, our advise to Desola Afod, aka Celeb wife is that she cuts down on her posts; keep some of her to her phone gallery. We admire the courage and boldness but showing off is not working.