#WomanCrushWednesday: 5 Reasons To Follow Uzor Osimkpa On Instagram


Social media has indeed created that opportunity for anybody to partake in social activities. One interesting thing about it is the fact that social media does not discriminate; no matter your colour or status. Facebook, instagram, twitter and the likes have been able to impact people’s life, creating livelihood for many of its users today.

However, celebrities have embraced the age of social media. While some of them see it as a means to reach fans, thereby motivating, entertaining and giving their life updates at the same time, others have seized the opportunity to show off their expenses acquirement.

Today, we bring to the current trending social media, Instagram where many Nollywood stars have taken as their home. Nevertheless, we can not ignore some of them as they cannot stop to impress us in so many ways.. One of these people is Nollywood Actress, Uzor Osimkpa. Although, Uzor had featured in about 30 stages plays in Nigeria, she made her debut appearance on screen through a TV series titled, ‘Shallow waters. This gave her a shoot into lime light. The Actress has been making waves, starring in many high budget movies we have in Nigeria today.


Below are top 5 reasons why it is advisable to follow Uzor on Instagram

  1. To get behind the scene updates



As an hardworking and focused Actress, Uzor is always busy on set, moving from one movie location to another. Uzor sees it as interesting to share moments from set with her fans. That way, fans always anticipate to watch the next block buster movie from the Actress. She also gives followers update on newly released movies to watch.

2. Ease your day


One thing Uzor’s colleagues and friends love about her is her free spirit. The Actress always keeps the day light up for you with fun-filled videos and funny pictures. Believe me, no dull moments from her Instagram page.

3. To stay fit


Exercise is important to the body; for both males and females beings. It helps the body stay fit and keeps the heart stronger This why Uzor Osimkpa has taken fitness heart. Hardly can go to her page without getting tips to stay fit from her. No wonder she is a close pal Kate Henshaw and they often work out together. With different pictures of the both of them on the duo page, even though they are age apart, anyone can denote that they are inseparable.

4. To get beautiful words to spark up your day


Some of our Nollywood celebs have gotten caught up in their wealth, fame and beauty that they have almost forgotten that some fans see them as role model and need inspiring words from them once a while. Uzor is not guilty of this crime. The Actress takes time to send out words that keep you going for the day.

5 To get fashion tips


It saddens my heart when i see some of these Nollywood stars go off with their choice of outfits. Sometimes i wonder if they have stylist at all. Anyways, go follow Uzor; she’s a slay queen. She tries to keep it adventurous, beautiful and yet simple.




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