Reasons Why Seun Egbegbe Should’nt Have Use The Word “Sister” For Toyin Aimakhu


Film producer, Seun Egbegbe, who became popular in Nigeria because of his relationship with popular Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu who dated him and broke up for reasons best known to her, came out to speak out for his estranged girlfriend and lover on Instagram over the Save Mayowa issue.
Well, as it may seem that the post made by Seun Egbegbe on Instagram seem innocent and a good gesture made to support the actress and her charitable cause, the movie producer happened to have written some words that is hard to believe and this is because its coming from him. For the full post made by Seun Egbegbe, click here but the focus would be on the key statement he made in the post which was ”… a friend, a sister and a virtuous woman”

Here are six (6) reasons why Seun Egbegbe is the wrong person to say that statement about the beautiful actress, Toyin Aimakhu;

1. Seun Egbegbe is ‘happily married’ with two kids but had a relationship with Toyin Aimakhu

The caption explains why Seun Egbegbe cannot be given credit for such a statement as it is not certain that a man like Seun Egbegbe can correctly describe what it means for a woman to be virtuous. The action he took in getting into a relationship with a woman that is legally binding to another man is questionable. The two of them happened to admit that they have known each other for a long while which includes admitting to a past relationship but Seun Egbegbe was well aware of the emotional effect that the actress had suffered after she separated from her estranged husband, Adeniyi Johnson.

2. Seun Egbegbe Showed No Respect For His Wife and Toyin Aimakhu’s Husband

Seun Egbegbe in the same interview said he was happily married and also called Toyin Aimakhu his girlfriend which is clearly disrespectful to both his wife, his kids and Adeniyi Johnson which didn’t display that he has a knowledge of what it means to be morally upright. This showed that he didn’t put into cognisance that this woman he called ‘virtuous’ has been made the total opposite of the word that means conforming to moral and ethical principles; morally excellent; upright. He also went ahead to put up their pictures up on social media, flooding the timelines of his followers with his ‘unjustifiable relationship’ which also included a video of the both of them.

3. Seun Egbegbe Gave Toyin Aimakhu her First Moral Discredit

There is no doubt that actress, Toyin Aimakhu is loved by many and one of the many reasons is because she is a ‘drama queen’ who knows how to keep her fans excited and wanting for more. It is amazing how many people excite themselves by having something to say about the actress, which she doesn’t mind at all. The actress gets over a thousand of likes on Instagram and a lot of comments too, with all that is going on already for her, Seun Egbegbe had to publicise the relationship on his own end when the actress never admitted to any relationship until later, when it was obvious and undeniable. He had to flaunt the fact that he has been in a relationship with her 15 years before she met her husband. Rumour has it that he even mentioned being the one that deflowered the actress. How has his past revelations helped us to see Toyin Aimakhu as a virtuous woman?

4. Seun Egbegbe Said Toyin Aimakhu Was Not ready To Stay Under a Man’s Roof

GoldmyneTV had an exclusive video with the Lagos big boy, Seun Egbegbe which you can watch at the end of this post, that the actress is not ready to stay under a man’s roof and this statement totally contradicts the characteristics of a virtuous woman that a lot of young ladies want to become and the dream of eligible bachelors. How can a woman who doesn’t want to stay under a man’s roof be virtuous? Especially to man who said that about her. It’s hard to comprehend since the movie producer never retracted that statement, except the threat that he wouldn’t allow her go scot-free for ruining his reputation which she technically helped promote.

5. Seun Egbegbe Is One of the Causes of Toyin Aimakhu Psychological Abuse

There is no doubt that Seun Egbegbe placed Toyin Aimakhu in compromising situations with his posts. The breakup seemed more than two lovers having a disagreement because it made headlines with bloggers on top of their game. The actress had to admit to psychological abuse due, in her Instagram post, she said ”my name has not being not uttered with different controversial issues, both the truth and lies.” Seun Egbegbe opened up the avenue for insults, insinuations and assumptions made by the members of the public. The actress had to admit that; ”I was outta a marriage with someone I was so much in love with which left me traumatized. In the process of getting my life together and moving on quickly with my life I made another mistake of getting myself into another mess…”

6. Seun Egbegbe Leveraged on the Relationship to Become a Celebrity

Most Nigerians would admit that the only time they got to know Seun Egbegbe was when he came out openly to flaunt his relationship with the actress, it is more like when he couldn’t handle the breakup of the ‘supposed relationship’ with actress that he became famous for wanting to ruin the career of the actress. He couldn’t help but grant interviews to media houses giving the public something to feed on from time to time and that is the only one reason why this post ever happened.

With these reasons listed above, this shows that many people especially celebrities say things online and in the spur of the moment, but they forget that the internet never forgets.
Written By Temitoria