#TrendingTuesday: Meet The 8 Daughters Of Nollywood Celebrities Who Have Taken Over Instagram


Life is about growing, changing and developing. Kids grow in no time and its amazes parents to see that very little baby, grow into a beautiful young adult. Sometimes, these kids become even more exposed than their parents in so many aspects.

Today, we bring you some daughters of our Nollywood celebrities who you never knew of, or who never knew had grown into pretty damsels. With a huge fan base, they have taken over Instagram with their jaw-dropping pictures, they hang out in classy restaurants, very active on social media, and even stir up controversies. Whatever it is, their mums and dads are very proud of them as they also share their pictures on their personal page.

  1. Michelle

Michelle is the first daughter top Actress Mercy Aigbe had before her rise to stardom. According to the Actress, she sold her valuables in order to see Michelle go through primary education. Today, she has grown into a beautiful young girl. Although, it is not yet known to us the career Michelle will venture into, but she has featured in a few magazine covers, making her a kid model. With over 100,000 followers on her Instagram page ( michelleio__), her page is flooded with interesting pictures that it becomes had to believe that she is yet to complete her secondary school education. See photos of Michello below:

michello3 mercy michee michel

2. Priscilla


Daughter of seasoned Actress Iyabo Ojo, recently became a secondary school graduate. Priscilla Ajoke Ojo is a close friend with Michelle had the two friends have had beautiful moments together, judging from their Instagram posts and snap-chat videos. Her page with the handle its.priscy, and 53.5k    followers, she’s undeniably drawing a lot of attention to herself. With her mum’s assistance, Priscilla has grown to be a slay queen. Her fashion sense is admirable, considering her age. Her mother also flaunts her proudly on her page.

See more photos below:

prisci priscill pricilll pricill

3. Adunoluwa


Unlike Michelle and Priscilla Adunoluwa Farombi, daughter of Yoruba Actress Moji Olaiya is not very popular on social media. However, the pretty girl’s page @adunfarombi is spectacular with a few but very beautiful pictures. She was also present at her mum’s recent movie premiere and she looked stunning the event.

See more pictures below:

mojid2 moji6 mojio mojid8

4. Naomi


Naomi, who is the daughter of Tayo Odueke, knwon by many as Sikiratu Sindodo, is one of the most beautiful daughters in Nollywood today. Naomi looks so much like her mummy and even prettier. Her looks are never trashy but clean and classy. She was recently made the teen face of Abbyke Domina for year 2016, succeeding Michelle who was the face last year, 2015.

See more pictures of Naomi from @naomiie_o below:

sindoo sindo4 sindo2 sindodo

5. Fola


Meet Fola Quadri, of the daughters of veteran Actor Yinka Quadri. Although many people do not know about this young happy damsel, she has caught eyes of few people with her beautiful pictures and charming smile. Her instagram, @ayam_fola is one to check out for once a while

quadri2 quadri1 quadr2

6. Holajuwon


Meet another beautiful girl from the Quadri family. Holajuwon Quadri is undeniably cute and cheerful with unique fashion style. The daughters of this Actor are not seen very on social media. they properly took this from their father who keeps a private lifestyle.  From her page, @its_juwwy, meet Juwon:

juwwy juwwy2

7. Stephanie


Stephanie Regina Hornecker is definitely one of the most beautiful, most stylish and most catchy Nollywood daughters.She is the daughter of Veteran Actress, Regina Askia, who use to be TV screen goddess, back in the 90s. Steph has picked up a of from her mum, growing up to look breath taking. Going through he Instagram page @na_idara, one can conclude that she’s got taste for good stuffs.

regi rehhhu regib regina

8. Meraiah


Her mother calls her beauty and brains because she’s not only pretty but very intelligent. Meraiah Ekeinde is the daughter Nigeria’s sexy Actress, Omotola Jolade Ekeinde. Meraiah is a brand ambassador for knorr cooking cubes  and is currently based outside Nigeria. With 27k followers on instagram, she’s been able to set her standards high, with great and meaningful posts. Check out her pictures below:

omotolad6 omodd omodse omotolad