#ThrowbackThursday: 10 Nollywood actors and what we know them for in movies


In the Nigerian movie industry, there are certain people who play the same roles in almost every movie they appear in. These characters are known as flat characters. They hardly switched their part but always delivering the same  thing we all expect in movies.

Nollywood might have developed into a home  of great movies, but we can’t ignore these flat characters and aways look forward to seeing their stigma roles. Below are 10 actors and what we know them for:

1 Patience Ozokwor

Veteran actress, Patience Ozokwor might have turned into an actress, we can not forget the fact that she remains a wicked step-mother or heartless mother-in-law in Nollywood movies. She always plays the part of a rootless woman who favours the ones she loves and deals with the ones who cross her path. Surprisingly, her character is a contrast of what she plays in her movies.

Patience Ozokwor
Patience Ozokwor

2. Aki and Pawpaw

Mere seeing these names; Aki and Pawpaw give anyone the idea behind the movie. These little men always ready to terrorise the village or community. They are usually tagged as troublemakers in movies.

Aki and Pawpaw

3 Chiwetalu Agu

Chiwetalu Agu is one character who never stops at anything until he does evil. Wherever he is: whether he’s in the Igwe in council meeting, or the brother’s wife house or the village square. He’s looking for what to covet and who to destroy. What makes him the most fun? He has his hilarious slangs and we hear he never repeats any.


4. Olu Jacobs

He is always an ‘Igwe’. For someone who’s Yoruba, Olu Jacob sure makes the perfect Igwe whenever. Proof that he’s an amazing actor. Most times, he’s the king with ruthless kids and has to be calm when addressing them or most times, the king whose kingdom is on fire.

Olu Jacobs

5. Kanayo. O. Kanayo

Kanayo O. Kanayo is never far from being a ritualist in his movies. He’s either a member of a secret cult or got rich through unclean means. At the end of his movies, nemesis always catch up with him. He either ends up mad or repents of his sins.


6. Ngozi Ezeonu

The light-skinned pretty veteran often plays the role of a queen. Dressed in different colours of  regalias, the actress plays the part perfectly.

Ngozi Ezeonu

7. Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie is referred to as the Godfather of Nollywood. Calm words, constant thinking laced with stubborn children? Their father obviously has to be Pete Edochie. Pete Edochie is known for his deep quotes that will have you thinking about what you’ve done and how it resulted to something like this. Nevertheless, he’s a great man for Igwe and he’s the calm type regularly.

Pete EDochie

8. Mr Ibu

John Okafor aka Mr Ibu is constantly being idiotic in his movies. A mere glance on his face would make anyone burst into laughter. When you see John Okafor or Mr Ibu in an advert, there are two things you should know! First, the movie is going to be a comedy. Secondly, he’s the  one they’re playing pranks on always. It’s safe to say his stupidity knows no bounds. He’s the village clown, the one everybody knows but do not want to associate with.


9. Gentle Jack

Looking for the perfect gangster or bodyguard in a movie? Gentle Jack is your guy. In fact, his name is enough for you to believe that he’s the right man for the job. When he’s not obeying instructions to kill people in movies, he’s jealously guarding his boss.


10. Tony Umez

Tony Umez is that uncle of yours who used to come visit you and buy you things when coming but got married and stopped bringing anything. In short, he stops coming frequently. Because he’s obeying his new wife and he doesn’t want to cause wahala.