I’m not afraid of Toyin Aimakhu over Niyi Johnson – Actress Seyi Edun

Toyin Aimakhu, Niyi Johnson, Seyi Edun
Toyin Aimakhu, Niyi Johnson, Seyi Edun

Up and doing Yoruba actress, Seyi Edun has been in the eye of the storm since a story went viral that she was engaged to a colleague, Niyi Johnson, who was married to another actress Toyin Aimakhu. When Toyin Aimakhu and Niyi Johnson separated after a marriage that didn’t last two years, tongues began to wag just months after that he had found solace in the arms of another actress, Seyi Edun. And their several Instagram pictures didn’t help matters as

And their several Instagram pictures didn’t help matters as cosy pictures of them together littered the internet. It would be recalled that Toyin walked out of her marriage when she caught her estranged husband, pants down, with another woman. In what was a public display of emotion and love, Niyi wrote a public romantic prose to his wife, Toyin, begging for forgiveness, but the popular actress of the ‘Alacada’ fame turned deaf ears and refused to go back to her husband.

Seyi Edun
Seyi Edun

The marriage crashed. Now, Seyi Edun, who hit limelight with her hugely successful Yoruba film ‘Eja Nla’ is in the picture and many are saying the estranged wife of Niyi is not all too happy about his closeness to a colleague and thus has been promoting some hate social media campaign against her. With the news of the engagement and pregnancy still raging like wildfire, Seyi puts us in the clear what is really going on between her and the handsome actor.

Congratulations on your nuptial engagement to Niyi Johnson. Hope you are having fun?

Which engagement? I didn’t do any engagement with Niyi. Everything you have heard about any engagement between me and Niyi are all lies. I don’t know where they got the news from. But the news is everywhere that you are engaged, soon to marry.

Niyi Johnson
Niyi Johnson

There is even a gist that you are already pregnant for him?

You can’t believe that unless you have joined the ‘copy and paste’ people. Nothing of such has happened between me and Niyi. If you want the truth from me I will tell you. I have read many stories concerning this and I can tell you that there is nothing of such.  There is no iota of truth in the news.

But you can’t tell us you are not dating him because the rumour is widespread?

Okay, I will tell you how the rumour started. One Prophetess Olubori is Niyi spiritual mother and she’s been my spiritual mother too since I was in United States. Though I never met her until I returned to Nigeria.  She calls me her daughter because people say we look alike and she calls Niyi her son too. She always shows me love on Instagram and I do same to her. She’s got many of us she prays for. One day she invited Niyi and I  to the mountain for crossover night for three days vigil. Niyi didn’t even come immediately because he was busy but he later joined us. We worshipped there and had the first Sunday of the year service on the mountain. Niyi had a testimony and was doing thanksgiving on his car gift he got from Mr Kehinde Oloyede and I celebrated with him. I guess that’s how the rumour started that we were engaged because we spent three days together on the Holy mountain. Someone said Mummy (Prophetess Olubori) pronounced us her “favourite couple’ but I can tell you Mummy never said that. She never ever said such anywhere. Someone just went to her page to crop out pictures and started writing stupid captions. Niyi is my best friend forever and will remain for life.

Niyi Johnson and his Pastor
Niyi Johnson and his Pastor

So, what is your opinion of Niyi as a man?

He’s a good man with a good heart. He’s God-fearing and hard-working. His wife to be will surely enjoy him. But you know sometimes even friends end up as lovers. And I believe it is even better to marry one’s friend.

Do you see that happening between you two?

For now, no. I can’t say for now may be in the nearest future, I’m not God. Many people tell us they don’t why we clicked as best friends.

Are you saying this because of fear of aggression from his estranged wife, Toyin Aimakhu?

Nothing of such. I don’t fear anyone.

Niyi Johnson
Niyi Johnson

Have you had any confrontation from her over being too close to Niyi?


But are you in a relationship?

Of course, yes.

And how has this rumour affected you and your man?

It didn’t affect anything. I guess it’s the price one has to pay for being a public figure. I enjoy the attention when the media speaks the truth and not this ‘copy and paste’ that is the order of the day.  I appreciate when they get their facts right, like you are doing now. You haven’t published anything on the matter until after you have confirmed from the sources.

So, what kind of woman are you when in love?

When I’m in love I give out my all. I’m weak and emotional. So, what will you do if you catch your man with another woman? Men are bound to cheat. Women should always have that in mind. It’s their nature. If I catch my man cheating I will feel bad but I won’t let it take over me because I’m not expecting a perfect man,  all I will do is advise him to use a condom.

So,  how is your career going; What’s new on your plate?

My career is fine. I had the premiere of my latest movie ‘Four Couples’ in USA recently. I’m working on four projects this month and I will be having the premiere in Nigeria and USA respectively.

When are you getting married?

Maybe tomorrow. God’s right time.