Kunle Afod, Toyin Abraham in a romantic two cast movie ‘US’ [Review]


Over the years, the Nigeria film industry has evolved positively so much that Nigerians can confidently say that Nollywood is ours.

Movie production in the past was not possible without legions of cast, but recently, the art of involving minimal cast in movies now has great appeal to the audience while challenging the intelligence and dexterity of the actors.

Nollywood producer and actor Kunle Afod challenged himself by producing a two cast movie featuring himself and actress Toyin Aimakhu, in a romantic movie smartly titled ‘US’.

The movie.

US is a romantic movie woven around two strangers Etolade (Kunle Afod) and Kunbi (Toyin Aimakhu) who met on a dating site, got each others contact and began to correspond. Before long, they fell in love with each other even without having met, then began to make plans to see.

Three months after Etolade and Kunbi started talking, they decided to meet, and Kunbi came from Ibadan to Lagos where Etolade resides.

The tension began when Kunbi would not talk about her past, neither would she talk about Chuks, a contact Etolade found on her phone.  They had a major fight that revealed they both had nasty sides.

The weekend came to an abrupt end and Kunbi had to leave, Etolade begged her to stay and the truth came pouring out from Kunbi… Shocking truths that led to tears and heart ache.



The movie treats the African Idiom The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t… 

Here, Kunbi makes Etolade a scape goat In her quest to see if there was a perfect man or a perfect relationship. She lured Etolade into falling in love with her only to inform him she was engaged to be married.

The theme smartly reveals that there is nothing as perfection.


The movie US is a two cast movie with Kunle Afod playing Etolade and Toyin Aimakhu playing Kunbi.

Shot in Lagos with an indoor setting… All the scenes were shot in Etolade’s home except for one bar scene where Etolade went to cool off after an angry night with Kunbi.


Movie was produced and directed by Kunle Afod. We must confess that in terms of directing, Kunle Afod gets a thumbs up!

His choice of a two cast movie raised many brows and brought about this review, we couldn’t help but wonder if this was just another shot at publicity but after patiently watching the movie to the end, well, they told the story they came to tell.

A crowd of stars would not have told the story better.

The movie diligently avoided another face showing even on the street during the dream scene and the bar scene.


Toyin Abraham: Kunbi, the young lady who played with the heart of a Young man Etolade just to see if she could go on with her relationship and the impending wedding. Played smoothly by Toyin who succeeded in delivering her part, especially the romance part where she showed her usual enthusiasm.

Kunle Afod : Etolade, surprisingly Afod played a romantic role which he did successfully and fell into the hands of a woman who played him as the scape goat.

Both actors tried as much as possible to keep the audience engaged since there was just two of them.

There were times the audience expected a burst of fresh air in the appearance of a new character only to be reminded that the movie is titled US!

Overall, we would not say it was a boring movie, the choice of Toyin was a smart move on Afod’s part as a boring actress would have killed the movie.

While we noticed that Etolade’s dream had meaning and was finally revealed with Kunbi’s revelation and disappearance, Kunbi’s dream on the other hand had no meaning of impact on the movie.

Her dreamt symbolized the Etolade would not be there for her when she needed him, but she actually was the one who betrayed Eto and not the other way round.

Language :

Since the language of the social media is English, the two characters switched smoothly between English, the language if the media and Yoruba their language.

Generally, it was good movie and on the scale of 1 to 10, Kunle Afod gets a 7 for this movie.