“I delete as soon as i see the words”-Movie Director Kemi Adetiba warns fans


Movie director, Kemi Adetiba as taken to her Instagram page,to warn her fans who are aspiring script writers to stop sending her scripts.

Kemi Adetiba

Kemi Adetiba who directed the block buster movie “The Wedding Party” told her followers that she acknowledges that they desire to break out, but should do it the right way. She advised that finished scripts or film ideas without any written legal protection, should not be given out.

To show the how serious is, she ended the post with the following words.

“i appreciate it, but i delete as soon as i see the words….. this great idea/script. i have a first degree in law… i ain’t playing with y’all”

Followers who commented on the post, believe this is as a result of the recent court injunction on Omoni Oboli’s Okafor’s Law. The movie could not  be premiered on the 24th of this month, as a Canadian script claimed that the movie, is his idea. He further said that he had communicated the idea to Omoni Oboli, who went ahead to develop and produce the movie, which giving any credit to him.

Kemi Adetiba would not want such a scenario playing out in her productions, hence she sends out the warning.

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