The Grudge & The Wedding Party; Is This The New Stereotyped Role For RMD & Ireti Doyle?


Stereotype in a funny way is what makes us relate so well with characters considering how we sometimes don’t like it because we feel these stereotypes limit actors to particular roles when they can actually do more than  that.

This is why we got thinking about what was going on after watching how the character of Nollywood veteran, Richard Mofe Damijo is the cheating husband in The Grudge and also the cheating husband in Kemi Adetiba’s The Wedding Party.

In Grudge, Richard Mofe Damijo and Ireti Doyle are married, but he still has affairs with other girls. This made Ireti Doyle bitter to an extent that RMD was so baffled at how cold his wife has become in their marriage as she stood by and watch the police take her husband away without doing a thing.

Now we become quite surprised when this same roles reenacted itself in the wedding party and funny enough with thesame actors, RMD and Ireti Doyle.

The Wedding Party
The Wedding Party

In the Wedding Party, RMD is a wealthy man whose affairs with younger girls turned his wife’s love to hate, thereby making her cold and bitter towards him.

This repetition of roles makes us wonder if this role is the kind of role RMD and Ireti Doyle can act to the fullest and delivers exceptionally well, because they did in both movies.

Our curiosity would hopefully be satisfied soon, but before then, watch the premiere of both movies below;