You Think You Know All About Helen Paul? Here’s What Bimbo Thomas Revealed That Shows You Don’t!


Sometimes we feel we know some celebrities, especially Nigerian celebrities, and while we might be correct,m we might not know them to their root or know everything about therm.

That is the case of Helen Paul. Of course we know Helen Paul as a comedian, actress and presenter who will stop at nothing to make you laugh, but that is not just the only thing she is known for, to Nollywood actress Bimbo Thomas, Helen Paul is more than just that person that makes you laugh.

The actress revealed to us that Helen Paul has been a good rock to depend on, and since they met, she has been there for her, supporting her all the way. The actress went further to say that Helen Paul has been pushing her towards completing her Master’s degree, even though she knows she’s not ready to go for it just yet.

Watch the video below;