5 Tips to a beautiful bright skin by Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi


You need no glasses to know that Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi has one hell of a beautiful skin, and with the hustle being as real as the actress has taken it, one would think maybe the Naija weather plus the hustle will tell on her, but the actress has shown us that she is strong enough for the grind.

In an interview with EbonylifeTV, the actress revealed the tips which helps her skin slay and ever looks on point. So here we go…..

The first advice the actress gave is that you should ensure you visit a dermatologist… yes o. Some people want great skin but has never visited a dermatologist, so take that trip today if your aim is a good skin, visit a dermatologist today like Adesua suggests you do. As for the actress, due to her job and the makeup that is always on her face and body, it is very important she visits one.

The next on this list is wash off your make up every single night! This is always talked about… sleeping with your makeup on is a typical NO!

She also mentioned that YOU should use a scrub, it is very important so as to exfoliate your skin and help it breathe.

Cleanse your skin and find the product that works for you… Kapeesh!!!

Follow these rules and according to Etomi, you will ceratinly have a beautiful bright skin!

Watch video below;