“I Hope Mercy Does Not Push Me To Talk” Lanre Gentry Speaks, Says He Knows Who Paid For Her New Apartment.


Marriage crisis is not a new thing in the Nigeria entertainment industry and with every crisis and every crash, we have had stories and tales of dooms as couples spill their dirty laundry for all to see; it seems the case of Mercy Aigbe and her husband Lanre Gentry will not be an exemption.

Lanre Gentry in a conversation with #GoldMyneTV said he was shocked about the reports flying around that he battered his wife…he agreed they have issues but according to him, he did not beat her. He also expressed shock that his wife would go to that length to smear his image.

Meanwhile, Mercy has not only released photos of a battered face, she also released reports of a fractured skull, leaving us to wonder what really is going on with these two.

Lanre Gentry who is presently in Dubai as we speak claims he is shocked that his wife of seven years would go to this length to smear his image.

“I hope she dies not want me to start talking” he said hinting that he also has things to say since his wife was trying to paint him black, gain sympathy and move on with her life.

The hotelier was also quoted to say he knows the man responsible for Mercy’s new apartment and all the moves to destroy his image before the public.

Although Mercy Aigbe has not made any statements directly, it is apparent that she wants the world to believe she married a monster!

It could be recalled that in a post he later deleted, Lanre Gentry quoted “Say NO to the promiscuous and irresponsible women” just moments after Mercy’s own post of “Say NO to Domestic violence”.

For the sake of both their images and their children, we really hope this does not get any messier.