5 Tips To Slay That Audition By Adesua Etomi


We all know how difficult it is to get a role in Nollywood, considering how crowded the industry is and more people are still going for series of auditions, waiting to get their breakthrough.

On today’slist which we are hoping will come your way more, we would be having our Nollywood sweetheart and newly engaged actress, Adesua Etomi tell us the Dos an sister Don’ts you need to do in an audition to help you get that role you’ve been hoping for.

1. Don’t be late to an audition! It is annoying for your panel to get to the venue before you and even to start waiting for you. Do smile, not a fake smile though, but smile genuinely, acknowledge their presence and say hello to them.

2. Dress appropriately. Knowing that first impression counts, the way you dress to an audition matters a whole lot! It is important to dress weh comfort in mind and cover up to look decent. Don’t dress like you’re going for a party… you’re showcasing your talent not your wardrobe.

3. Keep eye contact. While it is important you keep eye contact and kill the role, do not overlook to make you look like a witch. Get a balance, give the right amount of “looking” but not too much.

4. Be yourself. When you walk into the audition room, be you. If you’re not confident, the panel will sense your pretense and that might reduce your chances of getting the role. So walk into the room as yourself and do your best in your own skin.

5. Finally, be prepared for anything. They might ask you to do anything, act any role, so be prepared. Have an open mind to be able to act anything and also, learn to listen attentively, an instruction given might not be repeated.

That’s all we can take for now, do watch the video below to get the rest of the tips to slay your auditions.