Birthday messages to the Attohs confirm the troubled waters in the marriage


We all know there is no smoke without a fire, and while we try to put out the fire, the smell of something burnt will always make us know something was not right and that looks like the case between Damilola Adegbite and her husband Chris Attoh.

17 & 18 happens to be the Birthday of both the husband and wife respectively, but some Nollywood actors (AY comedian & Majid Michael) decided to wish them a happy birthday together, yesterday the 18th of May.

While a normal happy birthday message would have worked just fine, the actors made us realize that there wasn’t indeed trouble, and while we understand that the issue might have already been settled, this ia just a revelation that there was actually rift in cloud nine contrary to the actress’ denial.

Looking at these messages and the emphasis placed on both actors loving each other no matter what, and as AY mentioned, “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder”, it doesn’t take a genius to know that things had happened but for the Grace of God, they have both overcome like Damilola had stated in her birthday message to Chris Attoh.

Happy birthday to you guys! May God continue to fill your home with fresh love and strength to be better. We love your love!