Exclusive! The Wedding Party Turns Series … Kemi Adetiba Not As Involved.


It is no news that the wedding party is not over as we initially thought and the wedding of Dunnie and Dozie is just the beginning of Nigerian drama and love story, more is on the way and to not give you plenty two hours and time in the cinema, the wedding party has decided to make this a series for you to not just watch but follow the story through.

This scoop was gotten from an anonymous source who also talked about Kemi Adetiba’s involvement in the movie. While the first part of the movie was fully directed by Naija’a King Woman, Kemi Adetiba, the second part is being directed by Niyi Akinmolayan. When asked why Kemi Adetiba isn’t directing the second part as she did, we were told that although “she is still a part of the wedding party, but she is not crucially involved.

But then this should be understandable considering it is now done in episodes and also her personal project, King Woman, which might be taking a lot of her time.

Although the movie still says “Part 2” but the information from our source is saying otherwise. But which ever the gist may be, please stay tuned as we would retained bring them all to you.