Nollywood filmmaker, Kemi Adetiba and her father look perfect on the cover of Genevieve Magazine


If you’ve heard Kemi Adetiba speak, you will know she is the perfect daddy’s girl as that title is one she carries with pride. Listening to her talk several times, Kemi has always glowed whenever she talks about her relationship with her father whose position in the industry also made it possible for his daughter to be in the industry at an early age.

This relationship they share is one of the reasons you’ll find the cover of Genevieve magazine interesting because while Kemi talks fondly about her Dad, it was a cover that also revealed another relationship they share, which has grown from just father-daughter relationship to that of friendship which is a good gospel to preach in this year’s father’s day, that fathers should also be part of their children’s friends while they are trying to be the disciplined father they plan to be.

We love this cover and we certainly hope you do too.