“When i started acting, it’s your talent that will speak for you”- Moji Olaiya


Late Nollywood actress, Moji Olaiya is not an actress to forget just like that, hence when we remember her, we do so in the words she left behind through interviews and some of her movies.

In an interview with ChannelsTV, the late actress revealed talked about how she started in Nollywood and her journey to being who she is. According to the actress, when she started, there was discipline in the industry and your popularity in the industry is determined by your talent rather than your wealth or the people you know which is quite different from what we experience these days in the industry where people value connection more than talent.

The late actress which started her acting career with the popular TV soap, Superstory revealed that she was scared at first that she won’t be accepted, but the fact that Superstory was a well-accepted series back then made it easier for people to accept her faster than she had expected.

On controversial issues which were raised due to her marriage and change of religion, Moji Olaiya revealed that stardom has a price and her marriage is the price she was willing to pay for her career.

Watch the interview below;