Reactions trail Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels as she kisses her mother on the lips


The trend of siblings kissing themselves on the lips is going beyond what people are used to, and we all know how reactions trail with this kind of news, hence people are sending different vibes about what they think concerning this affectionate gesture that they do not consider innocent between Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels and her mother.

This photo had been posted by the actress innocently to celebrate her mother after a successful shoot they had together.

Posting this photo is getting the actress nothing more than serious backlash from followers who feel this kind of affection should not be displayed at all, publicly or privately by mother and daughter as they believe it is abominable. A follower went as far as asking if the actress is also having s*x with her mother, a statement which the follower was attacked for by other followers who understand this love. In defence of Regina Daniels, a follower rationalized the attacks coming from people who did not support this gesture as people who lack love in their family, hmmm…

Is that true though? Let us hear from you.


Watch video below;