“My Daughter is all Grown, can she Play my Wife Now? Kenneth Okonkwo to Regina Daniels


There is this popular saying that the young shall grow, and the same can be said for 16year old Regina Daniels, but nothing prepared the over 100k followers of Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo when he posted a question and we quote; “My daughter is all grown. Can she Play my wife now?”

While many took the question jokingly, many took to the comment section to seriously warn him not to think in that line, except the movie is about child abuse or Child Marriage.

Apparently Kenneth might have just been kidding when he posted the photo of himself and Regina Daniels and asked that question, but fact still remains no matter how grown Regina is, she is still a kid in the eyes of many until she is over 18.

Meanwhile the photos did indicate that they might be working on a new project, and perhaps Regina might be playing his wife in the movie, what better way to prepare the mind of the viewers than this?

But like they always say, an actor should be able to take any role he/she is given, and if an old woman can be made into a young girl and given such role, can’t the same apply for a young actor too? that leaves us with this question, Would it be wrong for Regina Daniels to Play the role of Kenneth Okonkwo’s wife?

Check out this video below;