Actress Cossy Orjiakor finally gets her butt enlargement surgery! Photos + video

Cossy Orjiakor

Weeks ago, precisely on September 15th, actress Cossy Orjiakor hinted about her plans to have some fat transferred from some part of her body to her buttocks to help her achieve her goal of a fat butt.

She announced that she had found a good surgeon right here in Lagos whom she was willing to entrust with her body and life, she added that her plans for the surgery was much later in the year or early next year

Surprisingly Cossy could not wait till December or January as planned as the very busty actress announced earlier today that her surgery was taking place today.

Cossy’s butt

Hours later, she updated her post, saying the surgery had been done and she now has a fat and huge buttocks only need time to heal!

This is quite confusing except someone else was posting on behalf of the actress. While she could have posted before the surgery, it is quite surprising that barely three hours later, she updated that the surgery had been done.

Well, time will tell. We patiently wait for the new Cossy Orjiakor as she begins the healing process!

See video from the surgical theatre as she begged us to wish her luck!